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NIR Revolution

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For many years Eurofins has used Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS) for providing rapid feed quality testing in New Zealand. This testing has only been limited to fresh and ensiled forages, and testing only the main feed quality measures offered by laboratories in New Zealand.  To be able to provide a wider level of service to our clients we looked to our Global network for a solution.  In 2016 Eurofins Agri-Testing has become part of the Samplinq® Laboratory network that is overseen by Eurofins Agro Laboratories in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Becoming part of this network has allowed Eurofins Agri-Testing to be able to provide our clients with a far advanced NIRS testing service with a wider scope of tests on more feed products, and access to more comprehensive interpretation material. The NIRS profiles available not only provide rapid testing of fresh and ensiled forages, but also concentrates and raw materials (e.g grains, pellets, meals).  There are also future developments in 2017 to expand to testing New Zealand soils by NIRS for certain measures.

Please see the attached information regarding NIRS, and also the feed testing section.