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Fertiliser Testing

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Eurofins Agri Testing provides independent fertiliser analysis testing service to a wide number of clients, from fertiliser importers, manufacturers, research organisations, and individual farmers. Our laboratory also provides support to the New Zealand Fertiliser Quality Council, through providing quality testing of Fertmark™ Registered products.

Eurofins Agri Testing can analyse a wide range of fertiliser products including:  liquids, solids, lime, manures, composts, media, chicken litter.  The laboratory can also test raw mineral products that are used in the animal feed products. The laboratory can analyse a wide range of major and trace elements, heavy metals, nutrients, and physical properties of fertilisers. 

With any dairy effluent analysis, the laboratory also provides an additional effluent management report with the test results. This management report provides value added information on the nutrient levels in your dairy effluent, as well as information on the Nitrogen levels being applied.