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For the Agricultural sector, mixed pasture sample analysis is useful to check on mineral levels available to your livestock, both for major nutrients and, in particular, trace elements such as copper (Cu), cobalt (Co), selenium (Se), and sodium (Na). Not only will this information help determine whether or not the pasture is deficient in one or more trace elements, but it will also help determine if and how you need to supplement your stock with the trace elements. 

Clover-only herbage sample analysis is a useful in checking a fertiliser program, in terms of levels applied and the balance between major nutrients. Clover-only sampling is essential to diagnose both molybdenum (Mo) and boron (B) deficiencies. 

In the Horticulture sector, crop leaves analysis is essential in looking for deficiencies in both major and trace elements that can affect plant growth and crop production. 

Eurofins Agri Testing offers a range of plant analysis profiles to meet our client needs. Profiles can be tailored to meet any specific requirements. 

A large range of plant nutrient reference ranges are available for both pasture, arable and horticultural crops.  For pasture we offer both plant nutrient status information, but also guidelines to how the nutrients meet animal health requirements.  For a number of horticultural crops, we have available Fertrend™ graphs that indicate the ideal nutrient levels over the growing season. The Fertrends™ are available for:  Asparagus, Persimmon, Tamarillo, Nashi Pear, Nectarine, Apple, Peach, Apricot, Kiwifruit (Green & Gold)