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Soil Microbiology

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Soil micro-organisms (bacteria and fungi) are critical in maintaining the health and fertility of soils. They comprise the majority of soil biomass, and disease causing and fighting agents. Eurofins is introducing to New Zealand a series of new tests to help clients manage the health of their soil. Our platform of tests is designed for the sustainability of New Zealand's agriculture and Horticulture sector.

Soil micro-organisms aid the uptake of minerals to plants, and contribute to how fast certain fertilisers or soil minerals are converted to plant available nutrients. By monitoring of their levels and the trends in your soil, you can decide which land management practices are optimising the health of your soil.

We offer analyses for classes of micro-organisms that contribute to Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur (N P K S) cycling and fertilisation, including the levels of such organisms and what concentration of nutrients they biologically release.

Other analyses Eurofins can offer:


  • Soil respiration (an indicator of biomass)
  • Decomposition

  • Root colonisation by mycorrhizae (symbiotic fungi which increase plant growth)

  • Microbial diversity

  • Bio-control organisms (eco-friendly organisms which suppress pathogens) eg Trichoderma

  • Plant pathology (DNA identification of funguses, rusts etc)

  • GMO tests for organic certifications

  • Photosynthesis activity (chlorophyll meter)

In addition to soil we are able to assess bio-fertilisers, composts and compost teas. Through our New Zealand and Global network, we can offer testing solutions for all of your requirements.