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Pesticide Residues

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There are approximately 500 pesticide molecules registered for use in New Zealand. Fruit and vegetable producers want to assure their market that residues are absent from their products or are below safe levels. The best way to achieve this is via 'multi-pesticide residue testing'.

We offer a reliable, cost effective and rapid service and our multi-pesticide residue tests are constantly updated to cover new pesticides as they emerge on the market. 

We also offer a range of multi-herbicide tests that cover the major herbicide groups that are currently being sold in New Zealand. Our tests analyse soil, plant material and water for herbicides that are currently in use in New Zealand to the lowest limits of detection.  The range of herbicide tests include:

  •  Triazine, phenyl urea and other herbicides

  •  Phenoxy and phenoxypropionate herbicides

  •  Phosphonic herbicides (including glyphosate)

  •  Quarternary herbicides (including diquat & paraquat)

  •  Sulfonyl urea herbicides (including chlorsulfuron, metsulfuron and triasulfuron)

For a quotation or queries about pesticide residues testing, including herbicides not included in the above list contact us.