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Swimming Pool Testing

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Your pool is constantly picking up dirt and bacteria that are blown in by wind, washed in by rain and carried in by the people (and animals) that swim in your pool. In addition, under the New Zealand Swimming Pool Standard 5826:2010 a public pool is defined as any pool other than for domestic use, and includes commercial, school, institutional, club, hospitality industry, community and local authority pools. Under this definition, any pool used by a member of the public must be tested.

Keeping your pool chemistry balanced ensures that the chlorine will do what it is meant to, as well as reducing the likelihood of needing expensive maintenance due to corrosion or scaling of pumps and other pool components

We assist pool owners with the understanding of testing services available, offering a fully IANZ accredited scope of laboratory tests to meet New Zealand Swimming Pool Standard 5826:2010 and an IANZ accredited sampling service.

Please Contact Us if you are unsure or to let us know your choice of the following suites of tests that cover the main chemistry and microbiology tests required by the standard.

Microbiology Suite

Faecal coliforms

Staphylococcus aureus

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Heterotrophic Plate Count at 35°C

Chemistry Suite



Calcium Hardness

Total Dissolved Solids

Other tests are also available if required

Please download our Swimming Pools brochure for more information.