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Customer Service from the time we receive your samples

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Our customer service programme offers all our customers the opportunity to be kept informed of their samples via email for each critical step through our laboratory

We believe that by telling you when each critical step has happened that you do not need to call, email, or go online and find the information for yourself. These emails are automatically sent to your designated email address/addresses and are colour-coded for clarity at a glance. This includes options for emailing the following: 

  •          Sample Receipts
  •          Interim Results by Spreadsheet
  •          Result Alerts
  •          Report pdf
  •          Result spreadsheet
  •          Invoices

Our service made easy for you:


We provide you with colour-coded bottles to make sampling easier. Each bottle corresponds to a particular preservative type and ensures the parameters under examination remain as constant as possible.


Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) offers several reporting styles to help meet the various needs of our clients. We deliver our hardcopy reports by emailed pdf, and/or by post.

As well as this, previous reports and invoices can be found easily, and each batch of samples will have your paperwork scanned and attached so you can see the full traceability of those samples.

Smart Data Management

We are fortunate to have a flexible database that allows simple exporting of data into a wide range of formats that includes the ability to deliver reports as an Excel based spreadsheet formatted to your database needs.

We also provide electronic data files for direct download into other client databases, including DWO (Drinking Water Online). Once again, this process is automatic and involves no manual manipulation.

Powerful Graphing Features

Graphs can be prepared for any time frame and by sample location and test. If test limits have been setup then these will show as different colours making it easy to find non-compliant results.


Our laboratory database integrates with our financial one to guarantee that only the tests we perform are invoiced. Your invoice will show the sample description, tests performed and order number (if provided) to ensure complete traceability of your costs.