Changes to Eurofins-ELS email addresses
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Changes to Eurofins-ELS email addresses

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ELS has moved to a global email domain,, so over the coming weeks the legacy domain of will be discontinued

Perhaps you have already received a message from us, or you may have noted the change in our email footer but we have slowly been phasing out the and moving onto the global domain. This is part of integrating our systems with the global Eurofins standard, allowing us to streamline our processes and bring our customers a better service.

Emails to our old email addresses will continue to come through to us for the next 4 weeks or so but they will be filtered through a central mailbox, so our responses may take a while to come through. In order to avoid this, please email us at our new email addresses.

Key contacts are as below: – for ordering supplies (bottles, bags, courier tickets, bins etc) Orders are sent out on Mondays each week, unless its advised bottles are required urgently – if you want to give us a heads up samples are coming or would like us to create a chain of custody (CoC) template specific to your samples – any technical questions, asking for results, amendments, questions etc

If you are unsure, please call us on 04 576 5016 or 0800 576 5016 and your enquiry will be forwarded to the relevant staff member