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Eurofins Regional High Potentials Conference

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During August Eurofins-ELS hosted a seminar in Wellington for a group of Eurofins High Potential (HP) staff from around Asia Pacific.

Eurofins is the fastest growing laboratory network both globally and within the APAC region. The company has an insatiable need for talented ambitious scientific staff who can be trained and promoted into leadership roles. Eurofins created the HP talent programme to prepare and develop a worldwide pipeline of future Eurofins leaders, who are ready to take up responsibilities at laboratory management level.

The programme focusses on developing skills in Leadership and Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing, and Operational Excellence. It is structured around four weeklong conferences every six months in a different Asia/Pacific city. The programme features workshops and guest speakers, as well as presentations and mentoring from existing Eurofins Managing Directors. Late nights are a common feature as the participants work on specific projects and presentations.

This year’s group of 30 talented and enthusiastic people arrived from places as far away as Kuala Lumpur and Yokohama to attend their third intensive seminar of training. The content for this week was based around the financial needs of running a company and is considered the toughest of the four seminars.

Eurofins employs 38,000 staff globally and over 1,000 staff in Australia and New Zealand. Being able to draw such a large team of talent together is testament to the people we have employed and the commitment of the company to develop and retain the best people from around the region. This shows the depth and strength of our company in the APAC region and is something that not many other laboratories would be able to match.

HP Conference Attendees

The good news for our customers is that this group of people are adding strengths to Eurofins that can improve the service and relationships we have with you. These future leaders are all striving to meet the Eurofins goal of being the number one laboratory in the region, and are learning skills that will ensure their own success, as well as that of Eurofins.

HP Conference Attendees

HP Conference Attendees