Eurofins expertise with Per- and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)
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Eurofins Expertise with PFAS Testing

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Many of you will have heard about the emerging drinking water contaminant called PFAS. This contaminant has been found around the world in groundwater samples taken from areas where particular firefighting foams have been historically used. In the USA, Erin Brockovich (who highlighted a similar contamination issue with Chromium VI), has become involved and is advocating for affected residents.

Contaminated sites in both Australia and New Zealand have been identified and councils around both countries have been performing tests on drinking water. Because of this, HEPA, (the National Chemicals Working Group of the Heads of EPAs Australia and New Zealand) has developed a plan in consultation with relevant Australian & New Zealand Government, State and Territory agencies. The PFAS-NEMP (National Environmental Management Plan) provides governments with a consistent, practical, risk-based framework for the environmental regulation of PFAS-contaminated materials and sites. The PFAS NEMP has been developed as an adaptive plan, able to respond to emerging research and knowledge. The Ministry for the Environment has released its most recent PFAS advice for councils on 14 March 2018 providing information to be considered when identifying, assessing and investigating land where PFAS was manufactured, used or disposed.

In the meantime, Eurofins has had a wealth of experience in the analysis of PFAS in all matrices including water, soil, sediments, food and biotic substances(including serum) and is the only laboratory that has completed all three proficiency programs conducted by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute on PFAS over 2015, 2016 and 2017 with no outliers. This concise and accurate reporting means that Eurofins results are defensible, especially where drinking water levels may be exceeded. Eurofins analytical methods are therefore recognised as being state-of-the-art and are all ISO 17025 accredited placing it among only a few laboratories worldwide that have such an extensive recognition for PFAS analyses.

Further details and special sampling containers can be obtained by contacting your local Eurofins representatives by clicking this link or for technical information Dr. Bob Symons to ensure that the correct sampling and analysis protocols are being followed.

As an emerging contaminant, we will all be hearing a lot more about PFAS during 2018.

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