Visitors to our Wellington Laboratory
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Visitors to our Wellington Laboratory

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Visitors to our Wellington laboratory will see a lot of building works, as we continue our earthquake strengthening and upgrades.

Our Wellington and Dunedin labs are undergoing extensive renovations to upgrade each and to create new state of the art laboratory spaces. The Wellington site is being earthquake strengthened and at the same time 500m2 of lab space is being upgraded. The Dunedin site is undergoing a brand new build to create a full service food microbiology testing laboratory.

Operating a laboratory under such conditions can be challenging but we are continually monitoring quality as well as result turnaround times to ensure our service remains the best it can be.

Everyone is feeling fed-up with all the hammering and drilling but at the same time we are very excited about how our labs will look once the work is completed.

This week, we lost our front entrance!

Our new entrance will soon be completed, so in the meantime if you are visiting our Wellington laboratory, please make your way around to our sample reception area behind the building.

Here’s the before:

and after (hopefully):