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Dairy RMP

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All dairy manufactures in New Zealand are required to ensure that dairy products are handled in a safe manner and suitable for human consumption.  As a Dairy Operator you may fall under the Food Act 2014 or the Animal Products Act 1999. To get an overview of Dairy Legislation MPI has a Dairy Road Map which you can follow. 

Eurofins is a Recognised Agency (approved by Ministry of Primary Industries) and therefore can offer both Evaluation and Verification services for Dairy RMP.

Our services include Verification on:

  •          Dairy RMP Manufacturing domestic and export
  •          Dairy RMP Transport
  •          Diary RMP Store – for export
  •          Template RMP
  •          Farm RMP
  •          Raw Milk RCS
  •          RCS for Transporters

Our MPI approved Engineers can also help with:

  •          Heat Treatment Evaluations
  •          Annual Checks and tests
  •          Premises Evaluations
  •          Inspections for Plant changes - regulatory and non-regulatory

Depending on what type of dairy product and type of operation you run will determine the requirements you need to comply to. Refer Overview – Dairy in the MPI website for more information.