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Regulatory Services

Heat Treatment Evaluations

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) requires Dairy Product Heat Treatment CCP (Critical control points) steps (eg pasteurisers, sterilisers/ UHT systems) to comply with the relevant MPI Dairy Heat Treatment Standard and relevant Codes of Practice. This encompasses manufacturers operating under a number of MPI approved programmes, ie Dairy RMP, FCP/deemed FCP & National Programme 3 manufacturers.

 The heat treatment systems are required to be assessed by an MPI recognised Heat Treatment Evaluator to establish compliance with the standard and codes. Eurofins have MPI recognition to carry out these Regulatory assessments. The Standard and Codes cover design, installation, operation and maintenance aspects of the heat treatment systems.

Heat Treatment Evaluations are required not only for new heat treatment systems but also when significant changes are made to existing heat treatment systems.

The various types of heat treatment systems include:

  • Pasteurisation (HTST Pasteurisers, Batch Pasteurisers, Vacuum Steam Pasteurisers, Evaporators and Concentrate Heater Pasteuriser)
  • Heat Treatment for extended shelf life products.
  • Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treatment for Long life shelf products.
  • Thermisation for Cheesemaking

Premises Evaluations

A company applying for an MPI Dairy RMP Registration must meet specific building, process and equipment requirements. A condition of the registration is to have an MPI Premises Evaluation carried out by an MPI recognised Premises Evaluator.

Premises Evaluations are also required when ‘significant changes’ are made to an existing registered Dairy RMP premises.

Eurofins is recognised by MPI to carry out Premises Evaluations.

Non-Regulatory Services

Heat Treatment Validations

Prior to a Heat Treatment Evaluation, an independent heat treatment validation is required to be carried out by the manufacturer of Dairy Products. Eurofins engineers can provide an independent validation of heat treatment systems.

Heat Treatment Validations not only cover the manufacturer of Dairy products but also includes manufacturers of fruit juice and egg products.

MPI regulation (Food Regulation 2015) requires custom FCP’s to set out validation information that demonstrates that equipment (including heat treatment equipment) used in relation to procedures, practices and activities will enable safe and suitable food to be traded. Eurofins have considerable knowledge and experience in carrying out Heat Treatment Validations in the Fruit Juice Industry.

Heat Treatment Annual Checks and Tests (dairy and food manufacturers)

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) require Dairy Heat Treatment CCP’s (Critical Control Points) steps to be checked and tested annually by competent technical personnel.    

Eurofins can provide independent annual checks of heat treatment systems.  

Heat Treatment Training

For the effective operation of the heat treatment equipment and to meet Dairy RMP requirements heat treatment operators must be shown to be competent. The competency requirements include the knowledge of MPI heat treatment requirements, food safety aspects, testing CCP critical limits, CCP recording etc. Eurofins can provide a tailored heat treatment training course around the equipment, systems and procedures.

Gap analysis of Heat Treatment systems and Premises for MPI compliance/MPI Dairy Registration

Manufacturers of dairy product can run their business under either the Food Act 2014 or the Animal Product Act 1999 (sometimes both) depending on the market the product is going to be commercialised. A manufacturer of dairy product, that only sells its product locally and has been under the Food Act 2014, needs to register its business under a RMP to access overseas market. Eurofins can provide an assessment (Gap analysis) that identifies the company’s status before MPI RMP requirements for heat treatment, premises and equipment.   

Assessment of Critical Heat Treatment Instrumentation

Accuracy checks on Temperature, Flowrate and Pressure instruments. Equivalent to calibration checks.  Assessment against accuracy requirements specified in MPI standards and Codes of Practice.