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Food Act 2014

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Food Act 2014

The Food Act has been in force since March 2016.  It is a risk based approach to ensure that food sold throughout New Zealand is safe and suitable.  Visit here to get an overview of the Food Act 2014.  

Businesses, for example a pie manufacturer, that are higher risk will need to operate under stricter food safety measures and requirements whereas businesses, for example a corner dairy that reheats pies, would be a lower risk business.

As a registered and approved verification agency Eurofins can help you with the verification of your business against the Food Act 2014.  Auditors are located at different locations throughout New Zealand and can carry out verifications all over the country.  Please contact us for more details.

Where Do I fit?

If you are unsure about with what food safety measure you fit into and who to register it with click here and follow the instructions to complete the My Food Rules tool developed by New Zealand Food Safety.   Alternatively please contact us on +64 095264612 for assistance.

Food business can fit into one of two food safety measures:

  1. Food Control Plan (FCP) – for making or selling of higher risk foods.

There are two types of food control plans: Template food control plans (TFCP) and Custom food control plans (CFCP).  Click here for more details on the two types.

If you require a custom food control plan (CFCP) you will also need to have your plan evaluated. To ensure impartiality, evaluators do not carry out verification for the same business for a minimum of 2 years.  Prior to finding an evaluator you can check if you can be pre-evaluated by MPI by using the My Food Plan that can be found here.  If you do not meet the criteria then an independent evaluator will need to be found. 

  1. National Programmes (NP) – for medium to low risk foods.

Once you know where you fit you will need a verification agency

Below is the process to register with Eurofins.

  • Complete the client survey and send to our Audit Coordinator.  If there are any questions someone will contact you prior to sending out an audit proposal.
  • Eurofins will prepare and send an audit proposal based on the information provided, which will need to be reviewed and signed. 
  • Once Eurofins receives the signed agreement, we will provide you with a letter of verification confirming Eurofins as your verifier which you will need when registering your application with your Registration Authority.


Registering your Food Business with a Registration Authority

You will need to register your food business with a Registration Authority. This can either be your local council or the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).  Your Registration Authority will depend on where you operate and what type of programme you are registering.

Additional information on who to register with can be found here.