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Food Act 2014

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The Food Act 2014 was implemented in March 2016. It is a new risked based approach to how food safety is managed in New Zealand. Where there are more rigorous food safety requirements for high- risk food businesses and less for lower risk food businesses.

Food business can fall into two food safety groups:

  1. Food Control Plan – high risk foods
  2. National Programmes – medium to lower risk foods

If you are unsure about whether you operate under FCP or National programmes or which National programmes your business comes under?  Click here and follow the instructions.

Visit here to get an overview of the Food Act 2014 

Under this Act high risk food businesses that need a Customised Food Control Plan also need to have an Evaluation done.  Eurofins is able to help with Evaluations as well as completing verification audits. To ensure impartiality we ensure our Evaluators do not carry out verification for the same business for a minimum of 2 years.

Starting a new business or buying a new business

New businesses after 1 March 2016 have to register under either a National programme or a Food control plan.

If you are an existing business follow the transition time table and register before the dates set in the timetable 

Registering your Food Business

MPI has developed step-by-step process for registering your business under national programmes.


Once you know where you fit you will need a verification agency

Eurofins can complete third party verifications of National Programmes and below is the process to register with a verification agency. 

  • Complete the client survey on the right hand side.
  • Eurofins will prepare an estimate quote based on the information you provide us, and send you an agreement.
  • Once Eurofins receives a signed agreement, we will provide you a letter confirming to be your verifier, which you can use as part of your registration application with the council or MPI.

Refer to Food Notice:  Food control plans and National programmes for additional details on requirements you have to meet (time, temperature, storing, displaying handling preparing and transporting).

Refer to this link for additional details on the Food Regulations 2015 requirements.

Follow this link to Resources that will help towards understanding the food business’s obligations under the Food Act 2014