Stability and Shelf Life Testing
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Stability and Shelf Life Testing

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Eurofins New Zealand (Auckland) has many years’ experience providing stability storage to the food industry, veterinary, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and medical industries for their stability studies.

Stability studies provide information to show how the quality of the product varies over time and under physical conditions such as temperature and humidity and/or light. The studies provide information on the shelf-life and storage requirements for the product.

We have one of the few Medsafe GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified stability rooms in New Zealand for product trials and the facility is fully compliant to VICH, ICH, ACVM and EMEA standards.

As such we have an understanding of the regulatory environments in which you operate and our Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice provides you with the assurance of quality to support your company with their needs.

Eurofins can offer the following stability storage conditions:


25 ± 2°C  

30 ± 2°C  

30 ± 2°C

40 ± 2°C  

Relative Humidity 

60 ± 5%

65 ± 5%

75 ± 5%

75 ± 5%

The parameters chosen are dependent on the requirements of the client and/or the Regulatory Authority of the intended market.

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