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Eurofins Bay Of Plenty has a wealth of experience in project management, logistics and data collection. Project size or location is also not a barrier; we are involved with projects that take us as far a field as Nelson and Kerikeri. All of our systems, procedures and technologies are continually being refined and are flexibly to cope with a huge range of projects.

The three key components are: Accuracy, Responsiveness and Flexibility.

Some of the projects that we have managed include:

Avocado Library/Avocado Maturity Monitoring 

The NZ avocado industry operates a database on fruit quality, receiving raw data on fruit assessments from Eurofins Bay of Plenty maturity testing services, then processes the data and generates reports for key stakeholders.

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Kiwifruit Maturity Clearance 

Eurofins BOP is the independent laboratory contracted by Zespri International to collect and process kiwifruit orchard maturity clearance samples for Zespri's export maturity clearance programme. This project has been successfully run for over 10 seasons, involving the registration, collection, processing and reporting of every Zespri Gold, Zespri Green, Kiwistart and Zespri Green Taste Zespri orchard in New Zealand.

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Crop Estimation / Fruit Size 

Kiwifruit Growers, Packhouses and Zespri International use our bud, flower, fruit counts and fruit samples to make predictions on the size of the fruit at harvest and how much fruit is in an orchard. In essence this is about forecasting an orchardist's potential income.

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Netlab - Web based Laboratory System 

NetLab is our purpose built Web based Laboratory information system that allows efficient capture of maturity data for Kiwifruit, Apples and Avocados and can be adapted to suit other crops. Net lab provides a solution for fruit pack-houses, growers and fruit marketers and other similar industries who want to improve quality systems, productivity, manage risk, and improve profitability.

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New Cultivars, Maturity, Post Handling and Storage  

As part of Zespri's programme to commercialise three new varieties, Eurofins BOP have been involved with the pre-commercial trials to explore maturity characteristics, aspects of post-harvest behaviour and handling requirements of four of their potential new Zespri Kiwifruit Cultivars.

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Pollen Application  

Pollen application is a new service that Eurofins BOP are involved with as the subcontractors to PollenPlus. The PollenPlus QuadDuster is an exciting new addition to the PollenPlus range of pollen application technologies. The QuadDuster pollen dispenser delivers a constant metered supply of pollen across the kiwifruit canopy using high performance air fans and CAD-designed volutes. The PollenPlus QuadDuster is a supplementary pollen application system designed to dust flowers with pollen, enhancing bee pollen transfer, maximising pollination.

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Residue Testing 

Eurofins BOP are the independent residue sample collectors for ZESPRI in New Zealand orchards. The ZESPRI Crop Protection Standard is a critical component of the integrated ZESPRI System. To ensure compliance with the Crop Protection Standard, all kiwifruit intended for export by ZESPRI may be residue tested as part of the ZESPRI Residue Programme. The Residue Programme involves sampling predominantly fruit from early season through until harvest.

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Smart Monitoring 

The Smart monitoring project involves the multi-year monitoring of a collection of 16 green and 8 gold orchards. Measurement activities are carried out by Eurofins BOP where we create a data set for Zespri. The smart monitoring project is funded by Zespri.

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ZESPRI Focus Orchard Network 

Eurofins BOP is actively involved in the Zespri focus orchard network providing crop estimation, maturity monitoring and fruit library services. ZESPRI is committed to helping growers maximise their orchard profitability and bringing together orchardists, technical staff, consultants and Plant & Food Research scientists to develop and implement best-practice orchard management plans on eight 'focus orchards'. Progress will be monitored and shared with the wider industry to demonstrate the outcomes of certain on-orchard decisions. Eurofins BOP collects monitoring data to feed into the programme.

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Gold Library - Zespri Innovation Project 

Collection & cool storage approx. 8000 trays (800 lines) of Zespri Gold Kiwifruit. Assessment of storage defect at 0, 6, 9, 12 and 18 weeks, sub sample pressure tests and assessment of chilling injury were also carried out. These results were reported via email to Pack houses, Suppliers, Zespri International and Zespri Innovation Ltd.

New Technology Evaluation  

Eurofins BOP is actively involved in seeking out new technologies for use in horticulture, particularly kiwifruit. A recent example of this is the purchase of Sacmi benchtop NIR units in order to test a non destructive means of measuring kiwifruit maturity. This project involved capture of many thousands of NIR spectra and working with Zespri, Sacmi and a number of packhouses to develop calibrations suitable for kiwifruit. While at this stage this technology has not proven to be accurate enough to replace current destructive measures of kiwifruit maturity, developments in this technology are continually being evaluated.

Storage Prediction Library 

This project aims to develop reliable predictors of storage capability of lines of kiwifruit. In partnership with Zespri and a number of packhouses this project involves 180 additional fruit being collected from over 100 maturity areas at the time of maturity clearance sampling. The maturity clearance sample has a number of extra tests performed and a fruit library is run with fruit assessed from storage over time. It is hoped that through existing maturity measures as well as the additional measures taken a model can be developed to predict the storage capability of fruit to allow packhouses to better manage their inventory.

Variability in Harvested Fruit - Zespri Innovation Project 

This project involved approximately 70,000 fruit pieces from 70 orchards spread over the country being individually bar-coded and put through a series of repetitive non-destructive and destructive fruit quality assessments. This project had a duration of 24 months.