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Crop Estimation Services

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Crop estimates are used by Kiwifruit Growers, Packhouses and Zespri International to make predictions on the size of the fruit at harvest and how much fruit is in an orchard. In essence this is about forecasting an orchardists potential income. Crop Estimation is also critically important in industry planning to optimise performance of the industry's supply chain and is used by Zespri for marketing and shipping planning. Packaging manufacturers use it to determine their production runs and Packhouses use it to determine packaging supplies and postharvest capacity to ensure efficient packing and cool storage capacity.

Accurate crop estimation has significant cost consequences for the industry which directly impact on the grower return.

Eurofin's crop estimation service provides the collection of data for bud/flower/fruit numbers for both individual clients, packhouse groups, orchard management businesses and for Zespri. We have run the Zespri monitor orchard programme New Zealand wide for the last 10 years and we have been involved in fruit size monitoring prediction for an excess of 10 years.

We have developed a web based data management system which captures the count data in a centralised point which provides effective decision making reports and tray estimates for orchard management, financial planning and packhouse and industry planning.

Eurofins BOP collects and analyses data from approximately 500 orchards from Kerikeri to Nelson.