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NETLAB - Online Lab System for Fruit Testing

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NetLab is a purpose built Web based Laboratory information system that allows efficient capture of maturity data for Kiwifruit, Apples and Avocados and can be adapted to suit other crops. Net lab provides a solution for fruit pack-houses, growers and fruit marketers and other similar industries who want to improve quality systems, productivity, manage risk, and improve profitability.

NetLab is a comprehensive but simple and accurate system with a direct maturity testing instrument interface for a range of maturity testing equipment. The data is captured via the internet from multiple sites across the world. The results are available to the marketer pack house or grower and other interested parties subject to their access rights as soon as the test is completed.

The advantage of this system is that data is stored centrally. With professional reporting, graphical reports showing maturity development compared to industry standards and regional trends.