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New Cultivars, Maturity, Post Handling and Storage Data

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As part of Zespri's programme to commercialise three new Cultivars in 2010,  our team has been involved with the collection of production data, fruit growth data, maturity data plus trials to explore, aspects of post-harvest behaviour and handling requirements of four of potentially new Zespri Kiwifruit Cultivars.

This data set was added to extensive data collected by plant and food research, Zespri and other providers.

Zespri's objectives with this project were to measure fruit and vine growth data, maturity development parameters, and storage information (through fruit libraries) on the four new selections of kiwifruit that have been established in pre-commercial trials on New Zealand orchards. Different management practices were incorporated into the monitoring.

The data was collected from with multiple sites from Athenree to Gisborne and with multiple storage treatments.

Significant logistical challenges were over come and the complex data set was delivered in real time to the client via the Eurofin Bay of Plenty website.