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Pollen Application

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The PollenPlus™ QuadDuster is an exciting new addition to the PollenPlus™ range of pollen application technologies. The QuadDuster pollen dispenser delivers a constant metered supply of pollen across the kiwifruit canopy using high performance air fans and CAD-designed volutes. The PollenPlus™ QuadDuster is a supplementary pollen application system designed to dust flowers with pollen, enhancing bee pollen transfer, maximising pollination.  

Eurofins Bay of Plenty are the exclusive licensed applicators of pollen-plus pollen using the Quad Duster system as the subcontractors to PollenPlus.

This development started in May 2009 and new technology development continues. The QuadDuster quad bikes have cruise control units to ensure uniform and consistent application of pollen. The fleet also has GPS tracking on board. GPS maps show the rows and blocks where pollen has been applied. The first commercial season was in 2009. Significant modification for the dispensing units and quad set-up based on the first years experience are being worked on for the 2010 season. We will have 20 units set-up for the 2010 season, up from 15 in the first season.