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Smart Monitoring Project

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The Smart monitoring project involves the multi-year monitoring of a collection of 16 green and 8 gold orchards. Measurement activities are carried out by Eurofins BOP where we create a data set for Zespri. The smart monitoring project is funded by Zespri.

On each of the monitor orchards, five vines have been segregated from the block so that they are not harvested with the rest of the orchard. Fruit is sampled every two or three weeks across the growing season, and generally well after the harvest period of the orchards. Three storage libraries and two conditioning libraries for gold fruit are collected and analysed at a range of harvest maturities by Eurofins BOP. 

Data is collated by Eurofins BOP and analysed by Scientists from Plant and Food and Zespri, and the results are considered in the determination of Kiwistart compensation payments and crop forecasting models. The data from the vines is also used in a variety of analysis projects across the industry.

This program is on going with 5 years of consecutive data so far.