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Kiwifruit Maturity Monitoring

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Why Monitor?

Zespri and the greater industry are focused on taste. There is no doubt that repeat purchase is strongly linked to taste. Small shifts in dry matter TZG can equate to significant taste premiums meaning there is a real incentive for growers to increase their dry matter! Kiwistart and early gold programmes offer premiums for identifying suitable maturity areas within the orchard.

Growers and Packhouses are able to use monitor results as a tool to:

  • Assist in the selection of maturity areas.
  • Identify maturity areas that meet kiwistart and early gold criteria.
  • Aid decisions on whether to girdle or not to girdle.
  • Rank orchards in order of maturity to assist picking and packing planning.
  • Identify differences within maturity areas (e.g. vine to vine)

Why use Eurofins Bay of Plenty's monitoring service?

This is the leading kiwifruit maturity monitoring laboratory in New Zealand.

  • Experienced - we have been Zespri's independent laboratory for the previous 10 seasons servicing the whole country.
  • Cost effective - we have gone to great lengths to streamline the whole process using technology and systems to offer competitive pricing.
  • Quality service - we have systems in place to ensure accurate results are delivered in a timely fashion.


The Service

We offer a complete maturity monitoring service including any combination of the following tests:

  • Fresh weight
  • Dry Matter
  • Colour
  • Pressure
  • Brix
  • Black seeds
  • Pay only for the tests you require.
  • 30 fruit sample
  • Easy request system via our website.
  • You collect the sample and deliver to our laboratory or nominated drop-off point / courier.
  • Individual results available quickly via our website.
  • Trends and comparative graphs for industry and regions available.

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