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NETLAB - Online Lab System for Fruit Testing

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What is NetLab?

  • Web based technology that allows efficient capture of maturity data for Kiwifruit, Apples and Avocados
  • Other crops planned to be introduced and potential for development outside the fruit industry.

What are the benefits?

  • Speed of operation (Labour savings).
  • Accurate with direct interface.
  • Complete range of tests available
  • Results are accessible online to the packhouse and/or grower as soon as the test is completed.
  • Results can be downloaded into excel in summary or detail.
  • Reliable data storage (all recorded in one place)
  • Maturity index's all calculated automatically as appropriate
  • Professional reporting, graphical reports showing maturity development compared to standards and other orchards in district
  • Maturity index's all calculated automatically as appropriate
  • Allows multiple sites anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Who can use and / or benefit from NetLab?

  • Industry organisations
  • Packhouses
  • Growers

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