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Seasonal Sample Collector - Casual

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Seasonal Sample Collector

Eurofins BOP is the independent laboratory and sampling company contracted by Zespri International to process orchard maturity clearance samples for the 2018 kiwifruit season.

We are looking for highly motivated people with a ‘Can do’ attitude to employ as seasonal Kiwifruit sample collectors over this period. Each season varies slightly with the peak of the season that runs from mid-March through to early June.

You will need a reasonable level of numeracy (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) a reasonable level of fitness and good orientation / map reading skills, along with a current New Zealand Class 1 driver’s license. You will be required to produce your license for our records, and if you are to be using your own car, we will require confirmation of a current registration and WOF for the vehicle and proof of a minimum of third party insurance.

The number of samples to be collected each day can vary greatly depending on many factors that are beyond our control (i.e. weather, shipping schedule, seasonal peaks, and pack-house requirements), and we are contracted and therefore required to collect all samples requested for each day. Therefore, it is critically important to have sufficient samplers available on any given day to meet the demands of a day where we experience unexpected high Volumes of requested samples. On days where there are low volumes of samples, we will endeavor to share the volumes evenly as possible across the samplers throughout the season.

Eurofins guarantee to Zespri International to collect and process all requested samples the day they are requested. The Eurofins ‘Dispatch’ team will assign the samples to various samplers in the different areas. Once this is complete the samples will go ‘Live’ and collectors will be able to go online and see what work they have for the following day. The Sampler can go online and print out their reports any time after the run has been ‘finalised’.

All samplers must have a working home computer with good internet connectivity to allow the downloading and printing of reports and labels. Eurofins will supply all samplers a label printer and a standard document printer if required

Samples are collected either on a quad bike or by foot, depending on the area and grower/orchard requirements. On orchards where samples are collected on foot (walking) the sample collector could walk up to 10-16km a day. A normal clearance sample of 96 fruit will weigh between 9 and 14 kg. Where samples are collected on quad bikes, all new samplers will be required to attend an active quad bike safety course as a prerequisite to their employment. As the Quad bikes are transported on trailers, there will also be a requirement to demonstrate proficiency in towing and backing-up a trailer as part of your training and competency. Samplers are usually partnered with an experienced sampler, or at least involved in a demonstration of an actual sample collection, dependent on sample collection method, competency and confidence with collection method.

Eurofins endeavor to supply as many vehicles for samplers as possible in as many regions possible, and therefore reserve the right to use Eurofins supplied vehicles where deemed necessary and appropriate. There are opportunities to use your own vehicle in certain circumstances, if mutually agreed and suitable. You will be asked in the Application Form whether you have a suitable, reliable vehicle that you would be prepared to use. (Proof of Current registration, WOF and third-party Insurance will be required if we engage you to use your own vehicle)

 If you do use your own vehicle you will need to ensure you check with your insurance company that you are covered for commercial use. Policies vary but Eurofins will pay up to $150.00 (upon receiving evidence of a valid and approved policy). Please consider if you need to upgrade your policy.

Eurofins will reimburse you for kilometers for work use at $0.75 / km, or if using your vehicle to tow a quad bike at $0.90 / km.

All contracts are on a ‘as required’ basis with a first season rate of $19.00 / hour and returning samplers getting $21.00 / hour. The season changeover is the first full pay week in March. (Pay Rate is currently under review for 2018 season)

Because this is a casual contract, you do not accumulate holidays days, but instead your holiday allowance is paid as a percentage of your total pay each pay period. This is calculated at 8% of your earnings for that Pay Period.

In addition, sample collectors will receive an extra payment at the end of the season based on performance, sample collection procedure compliance, Health and Safety compliance, attendance and being available for the duration of the season.

  • $3 per ‘Clearance’ sample collected on foot (or equivalent)
  • $1 per ‘Clearance’ sample collected using a Quad (or equivalent)

Sample collectors must comply with all Health and Safety requirements which will be clearly outlined in the training received pre-season as well as ongoing updates throughout the season.

Experience is not essential as full training will be given. Previous orchard experience would be an advantage.

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