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Agricultural Testing

Eurofins Agri Testing has over 30 years of experience in agricultural and horticultural testing using specific validated methods developed for the New Zealand Environment. We currently work with clients across the agricultural and horticultural industries throughout New Zealand, and offer a Nationwide and Independent analytical testing service.

Eurofins Agri Testing specialises in the analysis of Soils, Plants and Crops, Animal Feeds, and Fertilisers.  Our scope of testing includes:

  • Soil Fertility Analysis
  • Soil Texture Analysis
  • Herbage and Crop Leaf Mineral Analysis
  • Feed Quality Analysis on: hay, silage, baleage, maize,  pasture, concentrates, grains, and mixed ration feeds
  • Fertiliser  analysis on: liquids, solid fertilisers, lime, manures, and organic material
  • Specialised Fertrend™ profiles for horticulture crops
  • Value added Dairy Effluent Management Reports.

We cater to the agricultural and horticultural industries within the commercial and research sectors. The core testing performed at the laboratory have been thoroughly researched, developed and calibrated by industry scientists in New Zealand. The laboratory is accredited by IANZ

Your satisfaction is our priority number one!

The laboratory provides personalised customer service and is flexible to meet our clients specific testing requirements. We strive to offer prompt turnaround times and a cost effective service. 

Eurofins Agri Testing values the partnerships with our clients, and will work together to help grow and develop both our laboratory and your business. We provide the quality test results you require with scientific support on hand. Our goal is to not only support our clients, but to ultimately provide the New Zealand farmer or grower with the best information to make sound nutrient and farm management decisions. 

Agriculture provides quality products to the people. Eurofins delivers quality analyses services for agriculture. This combination will ensure that the agriculture is a winner in the future as well!

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