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Soil Fertility Testing

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When considering what nutrient application on your farm, what information do you use to help you decide?  Do you repeat what you did last time, or seek advice from an agricultural professional?  How do you know how well your soil, pasture and stock are doing in terms of mineral nutrition? 

Analytical testing is a useful source of information to help answer these questions and to formulate the best fertiliser policies for your farm. The results can highlight mineral imbalances or indicate bacterial contamination that may be affecting the health and productivity of your crops or animals. This can help farmers and growers together with their advisors, choose the best fertiliser and management program.

Carrying out regular testing can provide you with a set of historical data on which to base decisions for managing the nutrient status of your soil and pastures. Testing represent a “snapshot” in time and are affected by a number of factors which mean they vary from time to time and place to place. This variability does not make them useless.

Eurofins Agri Testing provides a comprehensive set of soil analysis to meet our varied client requirements. Tests available cover Soil Fertility analysis, Soil Texture, and True Bulk Density

The core Basic Soil analysis, are reported with optimum levels for pasture production, using information validated by AgResearch field trials carried out over many years.