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Our Lab History

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In New Zealand Eurofins Agricultural Testing Service has over 30 years history of analytical testing for the Agricultural and Horticultural sectors. The analytical testing laboratory and service was originally set-up by MAF Scientists in the mid 1980’s, and was called the Soil Fertility Service. There were two laboratories operating at this time, one at Ruakura Research Centre and one at Invermay. The research carried out by the laboratory lead to the development and field calibration of the main basic tests that are still used by New Zealand laboratories today.

The laboratory remained part of AgResearch until it was sold to private ownership in 2002. Since being in private ownership, the laboratory has undergone several name changes, until mid 2012 when Eurofins purchased the laboratory group.

In April 2014 the Agricultural Testing laboratory was re-located from Ruakura Research Centre to join our existing Auckland laboratory in Penrose.    

Through all the changes over the last 14 years the Agricultural Testing laboratory has maintained the link to Science and the history of how the laboratory began.