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Eurofins-ELS is one of New Zealand’s leading experts in the areas of:

The company has its origin as part of the Hutt City Council Laboratory and became a private enterprise in 1994. We grew through natural growth as well as the acquisition of local laboratories until in December 2012 we were acquired by Eurofins - the largest laboratory network in the world.

Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company which provides a unique range of analytical testing services to clients across multiple industries. The Group is the world leader in food and pharmaceutical products testing. It is also number one in the world in the field of environmental laboratory services, and one of the global market leaders in agroscience, genomics, pharmaceutical discovery and central laboratory services.

We are based in a purpose built facility of 1450m2 at 85 Port Road, Lower Hutt. Eurofins-ELS is comprised of four separate laboratory areas – Instrumental Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biological Fluids, and Microbiology. The latter is further split into three separate rooms with clean, cleaner and ultra clean capabilities. The ultra clean lab is used for pathogenic bacteria determinations.

In mid-2016 Eurofins-ELS opened satellite laboratories in Auckland and Christchurch. These laboratories offer full scope testing and sampling services.

What has made us successful?

The environment we work in has been a very competitive one, due mainly to low entry costs when laboratories were first developed. However, those days have long gone, and laboratories are now faced with increasing compliance costs, as well as expensive equipment costs. We have succeeded through these adversities by applying some simple rules that we pride ourselves on


We will help you understand your results in simple terms. We have comprehensive brochures available, which will also aid in your understanding of the information we provide. We can receive your samples seven days a week and also offer a sampling service.

Overall Knowledge

A close association with legislators in the food and water areas means we can advise you about current legislative requirements, and have an understanding of upcoming legislation.


Our three Laboratories strategically positioned in the country means that we are well served by air and courier services and can easily offer a nation-wide service. Our first samples arrive by courier at 7:30am each workday.

Up Front Costs

We are extremely competitive and offer substantial discounts for both volume submissions and ongoing commitment. We don't hide filtering costs, bottle charges, or reporting fees.

Technology and Expertise

Our technology and ability to apply it in the areas of food, water and occupational health are unequalled by anybody else in the country. Our objective of having a backup for every instrument has cost over a million dollars but has now been achieved.

Integrity and Quality

Our accreditation through NZFSA, MoH and IANZ is extensive and covers a wide range of legislative requirements, including drinking water and product export.


Eurofins is a global company that only runs laboratories. We are highly skilled, and committed to serving our customers with their laboratory needs.

No Hassles

We present complicated science in a simple manner.


Our clients' satisfaction really does come first.