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AS/NZS 4020 Test for Watermark™ Certification

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AS/NZS 4020 prescribes tests for analysing the suitability of products for use in contact with drinking water, with regard to their effect on the quality of the water. It is a requirement in the application for WaterMark™ certification. Testing focuses on wetted parts only. It is applicable to metallic and non-metallic products such as pipes, taps, fittings, components, hot water units and materials used in coating, protection, lining, jointing, sealing and lubrication applications in the water supply and plumbing industry. The hot water tests apply where water has the potential for human consumption, food preparation, utensil washing and oral hygiene. The test reports for the AS/NZS 4020 test is valid for 5 years.


The product is immersed in, or exposed to, test water in accordance with extraction procedures as outlined for each of the tests for Taste, Appearance, Growth of Aquatic Micro-organisms, Cytotoxicity, Mutagenicity, and Extraction of Metals, including specific procedures for High Temperature tests for End-of-Line Fittings, and Water - Heating systems, as well as for Simulated samples.

A scaling factor (field exposure to test exposure) can be applied to compensate for a greater surface area-to-volume ratio used for test extractions, when compared to the worst case scenario in end-use.

Extraction is allowed to proceed for the time given in the relevant test. The final extract is then analysed in accordance with the test requirements for each test. Products are required to comply with all tests relevant for that product type, and the results provide guidelines for, water supply quality at consumers’ taps , with respect to general health requirements.



Where a range of products using the same wetted materials and processes is produced, the one with the highest surface area-to-volume ratio in the product range, i.e. worst case scenario, is required for testing.  Collaboration with the certifying body is essential to ensure acceptance of the model or size selected to cover the entire range.

Background information on total surface area of each wetted part and/or estimated percentage wetted is essential.  The number of samples required will depend on product type, end-usage and tests required.  Consult the laboratory prior to sending samples for testing.


Full AS/NZS 4020 testing period: 12 weeks

Products not requiring Growth of Aquatic Micro-organisms test: 6 weeks. Interim progress reporting is made available during this period, with estimated completion dates on the various tests. Repeat testing is required using fresh samples of the product in areas where there are initial failures, to confirm a pass or failure, and requires additional costing.


Test Protocols
Method CodeTest DescriptionTurnaround Time

AS/NZS 4020; App. C

Eurofins | ams; TMP- 191130

Taste of Water Extract 2 weeks

AS/NZS 4020; App. D

Eurofins | ams;  TMP- 191140

Appearance of Water Extract 4 weeks

AS/NZS 4020; App. E

Eurofins | ams; TMP-191150

Growth of Aquatic Micro-organisms 8 weeks

AS/NZS 4020; App. F

  Eurofins | ams; TMP-191160

Cytotoxic Activity of Water Extract 4 weeks

AS/NZS 4020; App. G

  Eurofins | ams; TMP-191170 & TMP - 195100

Mutagenic Activity of Water Extract 4 weeks

AS/NZS 4020; App. A & H

Eurofins | ams;  TMP-191100 & TMP-191180

Extraction of Metals and Metallurgical Analysis 4 weeks